Horse 101 From the Ground Up


Who We Are

At the Spirit Horse Farm we are focused on providing personal one on one service. With the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Shelley Hamilton has been in the horse business for over 35 years. She takes pride in helping people enjoy horses to their fullest. She created Horse 101 from the Ground up in 2009, and has been sharing her knowledge with the students that become friends by the time they graduate.


Why Us

Because we have been where you are now !!

We take pride in showing you what you need to become good horse handlers and owners.

We learn by doing, and gaining experience. That is why when you come to the Horse 101 program, it is just one on one. And the program is about YOU. We feel the same sense of pride and accomplishment as you do when you leave, because we have watched you grow!

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