Horse 101 From the Ground Up



Quotes With Shelly's help I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream and it just goes to show that when you put your mind to something, anything is possible. She really made it easy for me to feel comfortable in my own shoes. She understood me. She was thoughtful. When I first came, I had no idea what a wonderful experience was awaiting me and all I can say is this: Shelly many thanks, and I look forwards to the future because the learning never stops. You have been a great mentor and a great friend. Thank you for everything Quotes

Quotes We just finished our 12 week course together. I really learned alot about basic horsemanship to prepare for owning my own horse. I have been riding for a long time, as you know, but all the lessons I have taken included more in saddle experience than from the ground. Although I've always been a confident rider, the knowledge about diseases, vital signs, ground tying and the five second rule further enhanced my ability to read the horse. You are a pleasure to be around and I can't wait to work with you further in the fall in the saddle. Thank you, Quotes

Quotes I would just like to take this opportunity Shelley, to thank you so much for offering your Horse 101 Course. From the time I walked through the impeccable barn, to meeting two of the most well behaved horses, I knew I had come to the right place. As a first time horse owner, your knowledge of horses and, well designed training techniques have now given me the confidence to carry myself and horse to the next level. I enjoyed every aspect of the program, from the basics of grooming, through horse anatomy and care, to lunging and tacking. I can now truly enjoy my passion as a horse owner. Your patience and understanding of your students skill level is something to be admired. At no point was I made to feel intimidated, but rather encouraged with confidence to achieve the task at hand. Shelley is an individual who knows, loves and enjoys teaching students about horses Quotes

Quotes I am so blessed to have found Shelley, Doc and Chance for this training! I had been away from riding for quite some time and was a little nervous about the whole experience initially. Shelley quickly made me feel at ease and moved me along in the course at a pace I was comfortable with. Not only is she a horse expert, but a people expert too! She has a keen, intuitive sense about people and their comfort level with the horses that inspires confidence in moving to the next level of training while maintaining an environment of safety. Her love, respect and passion for horses shines through how she manages and cares for them. I truly loved every minute of the experience! Thank you again Shelley, Doc and Chance and I will look forward to our continued friendship! Quotes

Quotes Shelley, Doc and Chance, We have been so thankful for all of the information you have shared through your course Horse 101. As you know Brenna was 13 years old and had been riding weekly for about 2 years when she had a very scary fall and suffered a concussion. Your course was the perfect way to stay connected with horses while she healed. We were both blown away with how knowledgeable you are and how gentle your horses are. We couldn't help thinking how all of this information would benefit rider and horse when we began. But Brenna has gained so much confidence from spending time with you and the boys! All the little tidbits that you have accumulated thru the years as an accomplished horse person, just kept us asking for more! We highly recommend this course for anyone who intends to spend time with horses. Spirit Horse Farm is a little slice of heaven. Quotes
Stephanie and Brenna.

Quotes If you want to learn ANYTHING about horses, you've come to the right place ! I took Shelley's Horse 101 course and now feel extreamly confident in owning my own horse. I was even able to trailer my mare Mollie to Shelley's for some extra training. She is very informative and has alot of knowledge in all areas of horsemanship. Shelley and I still continue a friendship and talk to each other regularly. I highly recomend spending your time with Shelley. . Bree (One satisfied customer :) Quotes

Quotes My lessons at the Spirit Horse Farm were a wonderful experience. Shelley's friendly and easy going manner put me immediately at ease. It's great to have the luxury of one to one lessons so that you can learn at your own pace and really get to enjoy the horses. It was pretty much love at first sight for me and the boys. They are so well mannered and good natured, you can't not love them! My goal is to eventually buy my own horse and this course was an excellent introduction and gave me a lot of confidence in handling the horses. Shelley provides a welcoming environment and a wealth of knowledge and I would definitely recommend her classes. Looking back, I would have to say that the join up class was one of my favorite days at the farm and now I can't wait for my next horse adventure! ...... Quotes

Quotes Oh how grateful I am! A lady never tells her real age but I am in my mid 70's, and I needed to learn how to handle and read horses. I had just move to the country and my daughter has horses on the farm. I was asked how I felt about helping with the horses (eeek)... My daughter works and I know it would be a big help if I could learn to turn horses in and out. So you can image what went through MY mind ! Oh dear I needed help, and found it! with Shelley. I move the horses around the farm in control! I am not afraid, and I have learned to read their body language so I know if they are acting silly, or cranky, I can wait for them to stop or fix it (yes fix it). I could go on and on. But from someone who just looked at horses from time to time, to now putting on halters and letting horses in and out. And everyone is safe, I am very proud. I suggest you try this course. ..... Joyce Quotes

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